Sara Wasserman with Planet Timoun at Kay Kominote

Our mission 

Music Heals International (MHI) brings music and musicians to the children of Haiti and globally to inspire achievement, resiliency, and creativity.

Vision Statement

Music Heals International (MHI) elevates marginalized children in Haiti and elsewhere by building their ability to successfully address life’s challenges.


J/P Haitian Relief Organization (JP/HRO) has been working in Delmas 32 and surrounding areas since the 2010 earthquake that left thousands displaced.

Little Kids Rock (LKR) is the leading NGO provider of music education training, resources and instruments in the United States.

Music Heals International (MHI) offers its musical background, network, expertise, and continuous interaction with the youth of Delmas 32. Its routine involvement and artistic knowledge of the community has led to a unique vision for a cross-cultural collaboration and artistic emancipation of youth from two nations (Haiti and USA).

Program summary 

Music Heals International (MHI) in collaboration with J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) and Little Kids Rock (LKR) provides free music instruction, teacher training and musical instruments to Delmas 32 youth.

Fall 2017, MHI will expand to one additional school in Delmas 32 for a total of seven (7) schools with an estimated 350 beneficiaries.

Fall 2016, MHI will expand to two additional schools both in and outside of Delmas 32 which will target an estimated eighty additional kids including twenty special needs children. Three hundred kids in six different schools will receive music education.

Fall 2015, MHI will launch its second year in Haiti in partnership with JP/HRO and Little Kids Rock. Little Kids Rock will lead the second teacher training in the Suzuki-based method for new and existing teachers.

September 2015, MHI will expand to two additional schools in the community of Delmas 32, which will target an estimated sixty additional kids.This will then double the amount of kids served in our first year and the program will expand to four schools in total including the CDC in Delmas 32.

Music classes for special needs kids are also being developed. J/P HRO’s Ecole de L’Espoir will be the location for our special needs children. These classes will also begin in September ’15.

Fall 2014, MHI will initiate its first project in Haiti in collaboration with the nation’s leading non-profit for music education, Little Kids Rock, and Haitian Relief Organization, J/P HRO starting with the J/P HRO School of Hope (Ecole de l’Espoir) and community development campus (Kay Kominote) located in the community of Delmas 32, one of the areas hit hardest from the 2010 earthquake. MHI is planning to also launch the music program in additional Delmas 32 schools in 2015.  Delmas 32 has very limited access to musical instruments and instruction. Where music programs may exist, they are offered by private schools in Port Au Prince, and are not easily accessible or offered for free or as part of school curriculum.

The goal of this program will be to provide quality music instruction to school-aged youth and in doing so provide a transformative catalyst in their lives that will inspire in them the creativity and confidence that are critical to success in school and in life.

  “Music can change the world because it can change people”

– Bono (U2)