Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Fall 2017 – Summer 2018

Fall 2017, MHI will launch its fourth year in Haiti in partnership with JP/HRO and Little Kids Rock.

During this time MHI will expand the program to one (1) school in Port Au Prince for a total of seven (7) schools, with an estimated 350 beneficiaries. This expansion includes: training of 15-20 teachers and the addition of donated instruments, and deepening the curriculum for advanced students and those with physical and mental disabilities.   MHI’s goal is to extensively monitor and evaluate students by including outcomes related to study habits, self confidence, self esteem, and social and emotional learning skills.

This expansion will also include a mid-year teaching methodology assessment by Little Kids Rock. Advanced students will receive training in mentorship and have the opportunity to assist in the music education of beginning and intermediate students. The seven (7) schools will work as full units featuring all instruments — guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Children will also take part in songwriting, vocals, improvisation, and live performances.

Fall 2016 – Summer 2017

Fall 2016, MHI will launch its third year in Haiti in partnership with JP/HRO and Little Kids Rock. MHI’s Project Manager will lead the third teacher training in partnership with Little Kids Rock in the Suzuki-based method for new and existing teachers.

To establish a sustainable music education program in each partner school, MHI provides complete curriculum, teacher training, instrument donations, production of student concerts, mentorship for musicians and additional resources.  With an emphasis on improvisation and composition, the Suzuki-based program teaches students to play an array of instruments used in popular music, including guitar, piano, drums, bass and vocals. The ongoing development of this program includes establishing a local corps of professionally-trained teacher trainers to support expansion.

In 2015 MHI expanded the breadth of its program to include physically and developmentally disabled children who are among the most socially marginalized.  By extending its musical program to special needs students, MHI is finding that these children benefit from outcomes similar to other children including increased social engagement, self-expression and joy.  An unexpected outcome is that parents also feel supported by the program and reflect the progress made by their children in terms of an increased sense of hope and well-being.

Program Overview

  • Donation of thirty instruments allotted per school includes keyboards, drum sets, conga drums, basses, and guitars (both acoustic and electric.)
  • Teacher training in LKR’s Suzuki-based method, modern band curriculum which has been translated into French.
  • Children (ages 6-14) participate in music classes four hours per week in their chosen instrument, including songwriting. (Some children are learning multiple instruments.)
  • Live concerts and performances engaging parents and the community.
  • Mentoring by visiting Haitian and American musicians.
  • Annual recording session in a professional Haitian studio providing an applied learning experience that marks students’ progress in mastery of music, exposes them to the broader music industry and connects them to American peers taking part in similar music education programs.
  • Specialized music education for disabled students.


Fall 2014 – Summer 2015

Fall 2014, MHI will initiate its first project in Haiti in collaboration with the nation’s leading non-profit for music education, Little Kids Rock, and Haitian Relief Organization, J/P HRO starting with the J/P HRO School of Hope (Ecole de l’Espoir) and community development campus (Kay Kominote) located in the community of Delmas 32, one of the areas hit hardest from the 2010 earthquake. MHI is planning to also launch the music program in additional Delmas 32 schools in 2015. The goal is to provide a transformative experience in kid’s lives and, with the power of music, to inspire the creativity and confidence that are critical to success in school and in life.


Sara Wasserman with Planet Timoun at Kay Kominote     Sara Wasserman with Planet Timoun at Kay Kominote