Gloriana Mejia-Gund is a committed architect and conservation activist, born and raised in Costa Rica with 12 years of experience in the hospitality and coastal residential projects fields focused on sustainability and regeneration. Gloriana’s design philosophy is based on Passive Strategies, portrayed in projects ranging from small boutique hotels to celebrity private homes. True to her core deep ecologist and social wellness activism, Gloriana is a passionate advisor  to non-profits in Costa Rica and United States including the G.Frederick Gund Foundation, Electric Planet and OSA Conservation. Being a connector  between cultures, she brings empathetic vision to endeavors that range from construction, planning, investment , architectural design, local business administration, and management of local resources amongst others.

She received her bachelor’s in  degree in Architecture at University of Costa Rica,  trained in urban design at Gehl Architects in Copenhagen and is certified as an ashtanga yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance.

She currently lives with her husband and daughter in San Rafael, California.