Composing Futures

“If all children were given the possibility to play an instrument, I think this is something that could take them far for as long as they live.”

– Madame Yvonette Garçon Fanfan

Principal of Ecole de Notre Dame du Mont Carmel (MHI Partner School)

Research from the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute shows music training supports a “developmental crescendo” in children that contributes to social, emotional and cognitive growth. Music instruction accelerates brain maturity with positive implications for “sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills.” It also engages areas of the brain responsible for decision making, focus and impulse control. We capitalize on this brain boost and music’s cultural importance in Haiti to build skills and attitudes that nurture success in music, the classroom and beyond.

Meet Janessa

“When I got into the music class, my mother [was afraid] I wouldn’t have time to study. But I told her that I would have a schedule so I could have a time for each thing. Now I apply myself better. I take more time to study and to do my homework and my mother is happier. I used to neglect that a lot in the past. I entered music class and I changed.”