Empowering Children with Disabilities

Through MHI’s music education program, children with and without disabilities learn and play together, exciting and inspiring one another and enriching attitudes of acceptance, generosity and human potential. MHI also offers a dedicated class for young children with disabilities to promote early intervention supporting the development of communication skills and self-expression. These classes not only help children thrive, but support our teachers’ growth, as well.

360-degree learning occurs as students with disabilities broaden peers’ and teachers’ perspectives. James, a veteran music teacher and staff member, described how he gained self-awareness and a deeper understanding of what works in the classroom and in life.

Gaining Self-Awareness

“I remember I was teaching a class and all the children were distracted. Each one was doing something different. I had to use a lot of patience and tolerance to gather everyone’s attention and get them to focus so I could get the music lesson across. I was amazed by what I accomplished that day. Patience became something important to me as I realized that I could work with children of any kind. If everyone truly used patience, people could accomplish great things, things that they would have never have hoped to achieve.”

– James Joseph Donatin

Field Agent/Teacher